CEMÉA contributes to the debate

CEMÉA contributes to the debate

European Elections 2014

The European elections get a crucial dimension in this context of social and economic crisis, with the rise of popular movements and a tendency to take refuge in national self-interest. CEMÉA (Training Centers for Active Education Methods) and their partners provide training and support to stakeholders for the implementation of international and European projects. The EU is still a democratic area and carries potentialities that have to be constantly re-invented.

This social and solidarity-based Europe which is "united in diversity" and source of hope wouldn’t be possible without the involvement of each of us. The EU still has to be built as an alternative to a liberal Europe, which often forgets social values and solidarity. During these European elections, we will have to choose the way we want to face these issues. For CEMÉA, these issues support fundamental rights like "education, employment, health, culture and leisure time", which we aspire will become reality at the European level.
For CEMÉA, education and training are inscribed in an approach of general interest and public utility: these services have to be separated from the rules of a market economy and can’t only obey the competition rules.

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