A Caucasian September at Les Ceméa Rhône-Alpes

A Caucasian September at Les Ceméa Rhône-Alpes

A young Azeri comes to help develop our international activities

“Cross-Cultural Work” is the keyword of the month for Les CEMÉA Rhône-Alpes. For more than a week now we have been hosting Afag Nadirli, young Azerbaijani designer, aged 23 and involved in intercultural dialogue and conflict transformation activities – topics which are particularly important for South Caucasus (Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia) experienced three tragic territorial conflicts over the last 25 years.

Afag’s main mission is to shoulder Edouard Portefaix (Project manager - Europe & International relations department) and Domitille Hocq (Head of Europe & International relations department) in the design of their European and international projects. She contributes to development of our network of partners in Azerbaijan and more broadly in South Caucasus and assists with implementation of their projects involving youth from the region.
Several projects have been completed or are currently being implemented with our Caucasian partners:

  • Edouard Portefaix spent one month in Georgia this summer in the framework of a job-shadowing project supported by the Youth In Action Programme. This immersion in the Georgian youth sphere enabled him to gain knowledge on youth policies and youth work in this country, as well as on the methods used by the youth organization DRONI - with which we have been working since March – especially when it comes to foster social inclusion of public with less opportunities such as young internally displaced people (IDP).
  • A seminar gathering youth workers from Armenia, Azerbaijan, France and Georgia will be held in Grenoble in November. The idea is to provide youth workers from different communities who face challenging intercultural situation in their work with a neutral space for meeting and dialogue, where they could have a positive experience in living and learning together; reflect on the role that youth work can play in conflict transformation and intercultural dialogue; share best practices and develop links between youth workers and youth organizations from the 4 countries.

Other projects with our Caucasian partners are also on the agenda, including a youth exchange on culture in mountainous area to be held in Georgia and designed in partnership with the Coordination Montagne network in Grenoble and a seminar on capacity building in the field of youth work in Caucasus.
The presence of Afag Nadirli does not come out of nowhere thus. It is linked to the deepening collaboration between Les CEMÉA Rhône-Alpes and youth organizations in South Caucasus that started late 2011. Besides her talents of designer, her creativity has proved very useful to the development of our communication tools.

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